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Our Door County: Family Traditions


Door County is more than a vacation for many families – it’s the home of family memories and traditions. For the Bryan family, that tradition spans nearly 50 years.

Nan and Robert Bryan have been bringing their family to Egg Harbor since their youngest son was one year old.

“We always know how long we’ve come, because he was one then and this is our 47th year because he’s 47 years old,” Nan said.

This month’s video in the Our Door County series features a look at the Bryan family’s tradition of vacationing in Door County. For them, like so many who fall in love with the area, the weeks leading up to vacation bring vivid calls back to the door. The sites, the smells and the sounds appear in their dreams.

Tradition for the Bryans means hanging out together as a family, introducing the grandkids to favorite places like the curvy road at the tip of the peninsula, trips to The Farm or PC Junction, and welcoming them to a world where chain restaurants and stores can’t be found.

“There’s nothing you have to do, no phones you have to answer, no internet you have to connect with,” said Kate Bryan.

In an age when fewer and fewer people are returning to the same destination over and over again, Door County remains a staple for generations of families who find fun for all ages and an ever-present tug on their heartstrings.

“We do a lot of vacations, but every year, the one constant is Door County,” said Pat Bryan.

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