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Warm Drinks for Cold Days


Door County is a hub of world-class coffee and other hot beverages. Explore some of the region’s hot spots for coffee and tea this winter.

Sip: Ephraim 

Sip delivers a homey feeling right when you step inside, leaving customers in awe and feeling that they haven't even left their houses. Bring your pet dog and enjoy Sip's "I want s'more" coffee blend, bringing notes of toasted marshmallow with every sip. The coffee shop also boasts another sweet tooth fan-favorite in the Miel, which includes cinnamon and honey to kickstart your day. Make sure to explore the second level where you can shop for for lamps, rugs, throw blankets, towels, plates, pillows and more.

Shiny Moon Cafe: Fish Creek

Nestled in a historic waterfront village is Fish Creek, the ideal getaway for shoppers and gallery Settle in for a cozy and enjoyable place to have your morning brew, just above the Fish Creek Market. Shiny Moon Cafe's seasonal origin drip coffees and espressos have many varieties that offer both sweet and savory flavor profiles while providing the kick you need to get your work done.

A couple enjoys Shiny Moon Cafe in Fish Creek.

Skip Stone Coffee Roasters: Sister Bay

Right in the core of Sister Bay stands Skip Stone Coffee Roasters, which prides itself on a year-round, friendly, fun approach to coffee drinking. Revamped with a barn wood bar and French chandeliers, Skip Stone offers an authentic touch when enjoying brews like their rich-tasting Steamer, which is a smooth mix of hazelnut, pecans, vanilla and caramel.

Door County Coffee and Tea: Carlsville

Pick your favorite coffee out of the 100 blends from Door County Coffee and Tea. Sample air-roasted blends specially crafted to incorporate the smell of autumn with every sip. Order the ever-so-desirable Jamaican Blue Mountain blend or decorated iced chai through their drive-thru or inside. 

Door County Coffee and Tea.

The Gnoshery and Gnome Games: Sturgeon Bay 

Play your favorite board game and make unforgettable memories out of hundreds of different options at the Gnoshery and Gnome Games. While you play, savor a cup of their Terra Verde coffee blends. As the Gnomish table prayer goes, "may new friendships be created and old ones renewed," a saying that has spoken truths to countless patrons of the Gnoshery.

Washington Island Coffee: Washington Island 

Located close to the famous Giant Coffee Pot in Downtown Washington Island, Washington Island Coffee brings its own renditions of brews to the coffee world with its prominent and rich latte blends. Known for "always being open before the first boat," Washington Island Coffee is a perfect spot for early risers to kick off their morning routine.

Kick Ash: Ellison Bay

Kick Ash not only serves various coffee blends, coffee-based drinks, and baked goods, all of their products are gluten-free for those who are gluten intolerant. Offering Costa Rican and Congo blends, this shop brings international-origin coffee to light in its own informative and tasty way. And you can pick up snacks and coffee to brew at home.

Kick Ash in Ellison Bay.

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