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Our Door County: Brewing A New Tradition


Door County wasn’t at the forefront of the craft beer boom of the last decade, but it’s catching up quickly.

Shipwrecked Brewery opened in Egg Harbor more than 20 years ago, but the county didn’t welcome another brewery until Door County Brewing Co. arrived in 2013. Soon after other breweries popped up in the area, as well as Island Orchard Cider in Ellison Bay.

But the late arrival of breweries belies an old, mysterious tie to one of the great minds of American brewing. The latest edition of the Our Door County video series shares this little-known history, as well as a look at the people who are bringing brewing back to the peninsula today.

Long before drinkers clamored for hoppy IPAs and crisp ciders, a chemist by the name of Robert “Doc” Wahl was busy turning brewing into a science in his Chicago labs. He wrote several books on brewing that became standards in the industry, earning acclaim worldwide for his expertise. Then came Prohibition.

The ban on alcohol didn’t stop Wahl though, and he escaped to a small, secluded farm in Juddville, where he continued his pursuit of brewing mastery.

This video takes a look at Wahl’s influence and experience, as well as the burgeoning scene spurred by beer lovers and brewers in Door County.

Be forewarned, thirst is sure to follow.

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