Reconnect with the
Things You Love

Reconnect with the Things You Love

Summer will be here before you know it, bringing with it the hustle and bustle of barbeques, weddings, and family reunions. While it’s something to look forward to, it means you’ll have less time to do what you love. So before you get swept up in warm-weather plans, take this time to reconnect with the things you let go to the wayside during the busy holiday months.  

Calm and quiet Door County winters offer the perfect time to fall back in love with your favorite activities. Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine while catching up with friends. Watch the sunset as the days gradually get longer. Take up a painting class to remember your brush strokes. Pretty soon the water will thaw, boats will be sailing, and the county will be buzzing with activity.

So what are you waiting for? The streets are calm. The parks are quiet. The restaurants are welcoming. Start living life well by reconnecting with what you love.

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