White Gull Inn's
Fish Boil

Fish Boil for Home Chefs

At the White Gull Inn, the fish is cooked outside over a wood fire using a 22-gallon pot and two nets, one for the fish and one for the potatoes. Home cooks will need a 5-gallon pot plus two removable baskets or two pieces of 24x24" cheesecloth.


12 small red potatoes, skin-on and scrubbed well
8 quarts water
2 cups salt
4 whitefish, heads and tails removed, gutted but skin-on, cut into 2-inch pieces
 Melted butter
Lemon wedges 



Keep potatoes whole but cut a small slice from each end. This will add flavor to the potato during the cooking process. Bring the water in the pot to a boil. Keep it boiling as much as possible throughout the cooking procedure. 

Add the potatoes and one cup of salt. Cook for approximately 20 minutes. Check doneness of potatoes with a fork. The potatoes should almost be cooked through.

When potatoes are almost done, add whitefish with the remaining cup of salt. Cook approximately 8–10 minutes. Fish should be firm and begin to pull away from the bone when lifted with a fork. At a traditional outdoor boil, a small amount of kerosene would be thrown on the fire at this point. The fish oils, which have risen to the surface of the water, would boil over the sides. Do not attempt this at home; simply skim the oils off the surface with a spoon while the fish is cooking. 

Lift cooked potatoes and fish from the water and drain. Serve immediately with melted butter and lemon.