36 Hours of
Beer, Wine, and Spirits

36 Hours of Beer, Wine, and Spirits in Door County

Door County's unique climate makes it the perfect spot to grow local fare that many brewers, winemakers and distillers use in their craft. Pair that with a thriving culinary scene and you've got a cocktail for a spirited weekend. 

Friday Night

Kick off your weekend at one of our local breweries where you can taste and sample local and imaginative craft brews. 


Morning: Wake up with a hot cup of coffee at a local coffee shop and plan your day with help from the Door County Wine Trail, your guide to the county's greatest wineries. 

Mid-morning: Head on over to the Door County Trolley for their wine, spirits and brew tour. This quintessential Door County experience will carry you to the best wineries, distilleries and breweries in the county. Each spot offers unique drinks and lunch is included in the tour. 

Afternoon: If spirits are your preference, check out either (or both) of our local distilleries for a taste of locally crafted whiskey, brandy, gin, vodka and specialty flavored spirits. Or if you'd like to try local hard cider, Island Orchard Cider offers handcrafted French cider - specializing in Normandy style.  

Evening: Spend the evening with local drinks and local people at one of the pubs or taverns in each village. There's a lot of pride in Door County products and these bar owners feel that - featuring many of the wines, beer and spirits crafted right here. 

Sunday Morning

Share the flavors of our hardworking and innovative beverage connoisseurs with your friends and family. As you head out of town, stop by your favorite brewery, winery, or distillery you found during your time in Door County and take some home with you.