A Natural Wonder
to Discover

Cave Point County Park

Cave Point County Park is perhaps the most iconic natural landscape of Door County. Revered by divers, photographers and all who visit, the beautifully carved rock faces lining the blue waters of Lake Michigan are quintessentially Door County.

While not a state or national park, that doesn’t mean it is short on majesty. Local county officials preserve the park, offering free admission to the picnic areas, trails and spectacular views just up the beach from Whitefish Dunes State Park.

Carved in Stone

The cavernous stone found at Cave Point has been carved out by centuries of violent waves crashing on their shore and dissolving the limestone. Those waves are still crashing today, often reaching heights of more than 30 feet when they meet the immovable rock.

Kayakers and scuba divers have the opportunity to see the dozens of underwater caverns that are hidden from view on the land.


In 1943, the Door County Board of Supervisors took a visionary step in preserving the 19 acres that would become Cave Point County Park. It was the fifth park established in the county and its preservation well preceded the formation of Whitefish Dunes State Park just to the south in 1967.

When Whitefish Dunes was established, it owed much of its success to its smaller cousin to the north. A trail connects Cave Point and the rest of the trails in Whitefish Dunes, giving visitors the opportunity to experience both beautiful open spaces with a single stroll.



The park near Jacksonport is easily accessible by vehicle or bicycle on a paved road. Many of the spectacular views are accessible on the well maintained grounds while a moderately difficult trail connects the park to Whitefish Dunes State Park to the south.

Many kayak companies offer tours of Cave Point throughout the summer. A public launch is available for a $5 fee one mile north of Cave Point at Schauer Park in Jacksonport.

Experienced divers are welcome to explore the underwater caverns. Check out some tips on the best ways to scuba dive Door County from our Outdoorsman Insider here.