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Kanga Reuben

Reuben sandwich on a plate


2 slices dark pumpernickel rye bread
2–4 slices Swiss cheese
4oz. corned beef, cut into 1/8-inch slices
2oz. sauerkraut
1oz. thousand island dressing 


Butter the outside of two pieces of pumpernickel rye bread, placing them buttered side down on a hot griddle surface. Fully cover the exposed side of each slice of bread with one or two slices of Swiss cheese, letting them heat to your desired level of softness. Liberally spread thousand island dressing on top of the Swiss cheese on one slice of bread. Briefly warm the corned beef and sauerkraut separately on the grill.

Place the sauerkraut on the slice of bread that has the thousand island dressing. Place the corned beef on the other slice of bread while still on the griddle. Combine two bread halves. Remove from the griddle and cut in half.


Recipe by Coyote Roadhouse