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Robert La Salle County Park

La Salle Park is located on approximately 23 acres of land at 408 County U in the Town of Clay Banks, approximately nine miles south of Sturgeon Bay and about 1.5 miles north of the county-line. The location is a historical site with picturesque Lake Michigan beach access. Facilities include playground, picnic area, parking and restroom facilities. The park can be accessed from above off County U or closer to the Lake from Lower La Salle Road.

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More Information


1.      Parks are open ½ hour before sunrise to 11 PM.

2.      Use of a County Boat Launch site after hours for the sole purpose of water access is permitted.

3.      Vehicles must park in designated areas only.

4.      Camping and overnight parking are prohibited.

5.      Vehicle speed limit is 25 MPH on park roads.

6.      Dogs must be leashed at all times.

7.      No lifeguard on duty – Swim at your own risk.

8.      Glass containers not allowed in parks.

9.      Use snowmobiles on marked trails only.

10.  Most wild animals and plants are protected.

11.  Use of firearms is prohibited except as noted below.

12.  Deer hunting is permitted after November 15th in certain parks. A permission slip is required and can be obtained from the Parks Department (920) 746-9959.


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