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Art in the Door

2024 Art in the Door Call is Open!

Hey Midwestern artists! You could be one of four winners in the annual Art in the Door 2024 contest and win $2,000, plus have your work featured in Destination Door County’s marketing throughout the year. The call for art is open until April 22, 2024. Click below for information on how to enter! 

Meet the Winners of 2023 Art in the Door

Destination Door County is thrilled to announce the winners of the Art in the Door contest. Four talented local artists each received a $2,000 prize, and you can see their artwork appearing in marketing campaigns promoting our inspiring destination. 

We invite you to meet the artists and learn more about them, their practice and how Door County inspired their masterpieces. 

Brian Pier

"Setting Out" • Oil

Originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, Brian retired from a 20-year career as a heavy equipment operator to become a professional artist in Door County. At 56, he took a leap of faith, setting up an easel on his counter to explore the world of painting. What started as a pastime soon became a passion he couldn't ignore. Captivated by water and maritime scenes, Brian uses his talents to capture reflections of the region's enchanting beauty.

Linda Welch

"Mother Earth Cherry Tree" • Alcohol Ink

With roots tied to Door County through her family's history, Linda Welch's journey led her back time and again to the region she adored. While not initially an artist, her move to Door County ignited a transformative passion. Enrolling in art classes at The Clearing, Linda discovered her affinity for alcohol ink — an exuberant, challenging medium. Her captivating artwork tells stories, like the one of an ancient cherry tree perched upon a hill overlooking the water, with a young Cherry Orchard below. Within each weathered wrinkle of the old mother earth tree, Linda imagines the tales it holds. Her art reflects the essence of Door County — a haven of relaxation, enjoyment, and limitless creativity.

Mac Schueppert

"Bay Sunset" • Pastel

A master of capturing the region's ever-changing beauty across all seasons, Mac Schueppert's canvases reflect the dynamic harmony between nature and time. As a landscape artist, her work pulsates with the vivid colors drawn from sunsets that paint the skies in hues beyond imagination. Through her art, Mac invites viewers to pause and immerse themselves in the splendor of sunsets over the water, offering a gift of expansive views often unseen in bustling city life. Her profound connection to Door County is a testament to the allure of small-town charm, the warmth of its residents, and the boundless opportunities for creativity that inspire her artistic journey.

Pam Schmitz

"Mink River Reveal" • Oil

Hailing from Sister Bay, Wisconsin, Pam seamlessly intertwines her passion for art with her deep connection to nature, resulting in creations that evoke a sense of wonder. With an innate affinity for water and the intricacies of light, shadows, and colors, Pam's artistic journey finds its inspiration in Door County's breathtaking scenery. Her art becomes a vessel to share her visceral experiences amidst woods and shores. Through her work, Pam invites viewers to embrace the same senses she does, fostering a profound connection between the observer and nature's beauty. Pam's creations stand as a testament to the refuge that can be found within this unparalleled terrain in Door County.

Explore the Arts in Door County

Now that you have seen the artwork and met the award-winning artists, it is time to get in the act of Art in the Door yourself. Explore the ways Door County can inspire your artistic spirit and plan your trip.