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Community Spotlight: Ephraim

Why We Signed the Pledge

Ephraim took the Pledge because our village is filled with historic charm and natural beauty that make our hometown what it is. Ephraim, a Green Tier Legacy Community, is home to a nature preserve, a stunning public shoreline, and many small parks and greenspaces for communing with nature as well as dozens of lovingly preserved historic buildings that people come from around the world to see for themselves. These places are part of the Ephraim experience, and the larger Door County experience, and it's our duty to protect them while we're here.

Here are just a few things Ephraim is doing to be more sustainable and preserve local culture:

Sidewalk along manicured lawn.

Solar Lighting & Improved Walkability

The Village has installed solar lighting at two recently renovated sites in the community: the Cherry Street Steps and the newly renovated shoreline in downtown. The sun-powered lights are eco-friendly and make the areas safer for pedestrians and bikers.

In addition to the lighting, the Streetscape project extended the sidewalks in Ephraim to encourage people to walk safely from the south portion of the Village to downtown.

Another recent project, the Shoreline project, not only protected the beautiful shoreline of Ephraim, it created a new walking path along Eagle Harbor. The path allows people to safely walk and enjoy the stunning sunsets.

Door County Land Trust trailhead.

Ephraim Preserve at Anderson Pond

Ephraim Preserve is a 26-acre protected area with a 1-mile looped hiking trail. There are many different terrains within the preserve, including cobblestone beach ridges, the Niagara Escarpment, wetlands, fields, and forests.

Many species of birds make the preserve their home, and Ephraim is a Bird City USA community.

Closeup of daffodils with a white building in the background.

Historic Preservation

The Ephraim Historical Foundation’s vision is to “faithfully preserve, sustain, and share the history, culture, and beauty of Ephraim.”

Ephraim has a rich cultural history that goes back to its founding in 1853 by Reverend Andreas Iverson. There are various sites throughout the community that have been preserved throughout the years, including Anderson Dock, the Pioneer Schoolhouse, and Ephraim Village Hall.

Cars parked next to a white building.

Recycling Center & Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Ephraim’s Recycling Center is available to use for those who own or rent homes in Ephraim. The center provides single stream recycling April through November. Yard brush is also accepted.

Ephraim has also has in-town electric vehicle charging stations. They are available at the Bay Breeze Resort, High Point Inn, and Hillside Waterfront Hotel. Please note that the charging stations are for guests only at some of the locations.

Ephraim Resources

Green Tier Legacy Community

The goal of this effort is to make voluntary improvements for long-term sustainability, improve environmental health and public safety, and save money.

Ephraim Historical Foundation

This unique foundation is dedicated to preserving Ephraim’s historic past and sharing the stories of the village’s past residents and visitors.

Village of Ephraim

The Village Ephraim is committed to helping residents preserve their cultural heritage and making the community a more environmentally sustainable place.

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Partner Resources

The assets in our toolkit are available to those looking to help spread the Care for Door County message and movement. You will find assets meant to be used digitally as well as some that can be printed for your own use.

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