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Community Spotlight: Baileys Harbor

Why We Signed the Pledge

Baileys Harbor took the pledge because we know and appreciate that our natural areas are crucial to our community, our culture, and our lives. 

We are surrounded by nature, both land and water, so we feel it is necessary to protect our home. The town is home to The Ridges Sanctuary, Toft Point Natural Area, Door County Land Trust sites, and Baileys Harbor Boreal Forest Natural Area, which protect and preserve endangered wildflowers and animals. These natural gifts beautify and better our lives. If we can set an example for our residents and visitors, we can maintain the many wild and natural areas of the county for future generations.

We hope to continue providing nature-based experiences in Baileys Harbor in addition to the larger festivals, fireworks, parades, and social/cultural offerings already beloved by many. Balancing this nature-based programming with other recreational pursuits can help everyone explore and enjoy our lands, waters, culture, and attractions in the most sustainable way possible.

Here are a few other ways Baileys Harbor is committed to sustainability:

People ride in a wagon tractor trailer.

Baileys in Bloom

This initiative emphasizes Baileys Harbor, its natural beauty, and the lives and businesses that thrive in here. Baileys Harbor is a picturesque harbor-side town that has always been a natural and wild community with strong fishing, farming, boating, and maritime attractions like lighthouses, and we're eager to introduce even more people—especially nature and eco-minded travelers—to this beautiful area we call home.

More on Baileys in Bloom

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Healthy Foods & Lifestyles

In Baileys Harbor, we are fortunate to have Waseda Farms and many other farms and farm markets that provide healthy farm-to-table food to our community and restaurants. Many of our restaurants even grow their own gardens and incorporate the homegrown produce into menu items.

In addition, the town is now actively encouraging residents to grow and cultivate their own flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables to save money and resources as well as gain a closer connection to their food and the land it comes from.

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Baileys Harbor Green Site

In this program, the town accepts recyclable materials as well as provides (and recycles) biological material such as dirt, mulch, and wood to residents, which helps keep waste out of landfills and our communities safer and healthier.

Baileys Harbor Resources

The Ridges Sanctuary Blossoming Calendar

Download this text-based calendar to keep track of when certain plants and flowers are expected to bloom at The Ridges.

View Calendar (PDF)

Waseda Farms Garden Harvest Timeline

Download a colorful timeline that charts when favorite fruits and vegetables are expected to ripen in Door County this summer.

View Timeline (PDF)

Show Door County you care:

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Partner Resources

The assets in our toolkit are available to those looking to help spread the Care for Door County message and movement. You will find assets meant to be used digitally as well as some that can be printed for your own use.

View the Toolkit