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Nothing defines the city of Sturgeon Bay more than the shipyards that have been the county’s largest employers for nearly a century. Those shipyards put the city on the international map, building lakers that moved goods throughout the country, yachts that met the specification of the most discerning buyers from around the globe, and warships that helped defeat the Nazis in World War II. In this video you’ll learn how Sturgeon Bay became known as one of the best shipbuilding cities in the world and how the industry grew to define the city.

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Local Perspective: Fuzzy Sunstrom Knows No Off-Season

Greg “Fuzzy” Sunstrom never sits still for long.

The Fuzzy in Fred & Fuzzy’s Waterfront Bar and Grill in Sister Bay can be found welcoming diners almost every day of the summer at the popular restaurant. He’ll dart from host stand to table, to bar, to the kitchen, always at a rapid pace that’s enough to make your eyes tired as you enjoy the sunset from this absurdly beautiful location.

You’d think a man of constant motion would take it easy when the restaurant closes down in October, but that’s just not his way.

“I’m a carpenter by trade, and we have 30 buildings on this property,” says the Sister Bay lifer, who grew up just two doors down from Husby’s Food and Spirits in the center of town. The Grill is just the most visible part of the Inn at Little Sister, a classic waterfront resort. “I’m never caught up. I always have work.”

Fuzzy is a hard-core cross-country skiing enthusiast who has volunteered to groom ski trails in Peninsula State Park for years. That means that when the snow falls, he heads to the park to spend anywhere from 45 minutes to four hours grooming trails for classic and skate skiing.

“Early morning or night is the best so the trail you groom has time to set up,” he says. “When it’s all ice, you go out earlier because you want to be able to watch. You don’t want grooves to get too deep and cut into the dirt.”

The park has about 12 miles of trails, with all the grooming done by volunteers. He has skied in the famous Birkebeiner Cross-country Ski Race in Cable Wisconsin 22 times, and he’s famous for doing it in blue jeans. He has even been written up in a Swedish blog as one of the top characters in the 2010 Vasaloppet ski race, but by mid-January, he had only been able to hit the trails twice thanks to up and down trail conditions.

Off the trail Fuzzy’s a guy who likes to bring people together, whether it’s at his restaurant in summer, or at a trailhead under a full moon in winter. At least once each ski season he’ll bring a couple of cast iron fire kettles, grills, and tables out to a Peninsula State Park Trailhead.

“I invite the crew and friends to bring whatever they want to cook and drink, and we all hang out under the full moon,” he said. 

If you get a well-groomed path to ski in Peninsula State Park this winter, odds are good you have Fuzzy to thank, but catching him to do so won’t be easy.