10 MINUTES WITH: Samara Christian


Samara Christian, Door County Jeweler. Photo by Jason Mann Photography.
Photo Credit: Jason Mann Photography.

Inside her store on 3rd Avenue in historic downtown Sturgeon Bay, Samara Christian of Samara Jewelry shares a little bit about herself, her jewelry crafting, and offers a few thoughts on wedding and their traditions.
How did you end up in your profession? I went to Art School, and once I took metals, I knew this was it.
What is the best part of your job? Designing something new!
What’s your favorite look right now? I love working with pave’ set diamonds. They’re all the rage right now.
Who, what and where inspires you? Everything inspires me. I see design everywhere…flowers, furniture, etc.
What do you love about brides? Their happiness and optimism.
What is the one thing every bride needs? A keepsake pendant or earring she wears on her wedding day.
Can you give us a bridal DO? Brides, clean your jewelry before the big day!
And a bridal DON'T? Don’t skimp on your jewelry, you will wear it everyday for the rest of your life.
What’s next? More design work with colored diamonds.
Finally, tell us a style secret that can make a wedding magical. Sharing the experience from start to finish with loved ones…from picking out wedding bands with your future husband, to designing the earrings your Maid of Honor will wear.