Top 5 Tips for Chasing the Signs of Spring

1. A great resource for determining ship and canal activity in Sturgeon Bay is the website which provides up to date information on the Great Lakes shipping industry
2. Ice shoves of various sizes can be found along much of the shoreline on the western side of the peninsula around the month of March. Two great spots to check out are Peninsula State Park and Door Bluff Headlands County Park. Ice cleats are a must if you want to keep your bones intact.
3. Trilliums can often be found by getting in the car and exploring and driving roads located along woodlands. A favorite spot of mine for forget-me-nots is Peninsula State Park.
4..Bird activity also increases as the weather changes. The elegant Sandhill Crane can usually be found in freshly tilled farm fields. The miles of waterfront also offers ample opportunities to photograph the ever popular geese, ducks, pelicans, seagulls and eagles; as well as many other bird species.
5. I am often asked when the cherry blossoms will be blooming. Although this is based on the weather conditions for the year, usually planning towards the end of May around Memorial Day weekend is a good bet. Check out the Cherry Blossom Report to stay up-to-date.