Top 5 Summer Playcation Photo Capture Recommendations

  1. Action and people shots at the Fourth of July parades and/or firework shows in Baileys Harbor, Fish Creek, Egg Harbor, Sturgeon Bay and Gills Rock. Other festivals, i.e. Fyr Ball, etc. are also prime events to bring your camera to.
  2. Summer sunrise and sunsets at the following Door County landmarks: Cana Island Lighthouse, Anderson Dock, Door Bluff Headlands County Park, Cave Point County Park and Sturgeon Bay North Pier Lighthouse.
  3. Cherry picking family and landscape captures at the various orchards during the month of July.
  4. Waterscape images including play and relaxation at the beach, boating/sailboating, birds and wildlife and all the other interesting happenings on and along the water in summertime.
  5. Silent sports for action shots including Door County triathlon and the large variety of biking and running events. Also, kayaking/canoeing, hiking, and stand up paddle boarding are popular and provide additional interesting subjects to include in compositions.