Top 5 Insider tips for shooting the golden hour in Door County

1. During the warm weather months, bring mosquito repellent. Door County is not immune to large, blood thirsty mosquitoes and nothing can ruin a photo moment more than continually being distracted by swatting and slapping them as sunrise or sunset occurs. I have had to learn this lesson the hard way!
2. Look behind you. Look all around you. Sometimes, the “backside” of a sunrise or sunset can be just as glorious with the reflecting light and color tones that light up the sky, as what is going on in front of you.
3. Don’t forget about twilight. I notice sometimes when I am shooting a sunset, the minute the sun disappears, people jump in their cars and drive off. Being patient and staying 30 to 45 minutes before or after the sun appears or disappears allows time to capture some amazing twilight color. This type of photography does require a tripod.
4. Door County has many water access roads on both sides of the peninsula. All you need is some form of transportation to explore. Some of my favorites are the access roads between Sturgeon Bay and Egg Harbor off scenic Cty Rd B. Also, roads with names like “Waters End” and “Sunset Lane” are usually clues to some prime spots.
5. Equipment check: Camera (with fully charged battery and/or extra battery), bug repellent, warm clothing, sturdy shoes (especially if traversing rocky terrain) and flashlight. Additionally, tripod, extra memory cards, favorite lenses, lens filters, shutter release and props for however advanced you are in photography are important as well.