Top 5 Insider tips for Finding Door County's "Hidden Gems"


  1. Sometimes the best way to find the hidden gems of an area is by asking local photographers where they go.  
  2. A great online resource with some fresh Door County perspective is the Capture Door County photo community on
  3. If you find a subject matter that is very interesting and unique to you, come back during different times of the day to see how the scene changes in different light. Also, the change of seasons can change the composition of the same subject matter dramatically.
  4. Always be as respectful as possible regarding people's property. If you need to invest in a longer lens so you don't trespass it is a good thing because it reflects well on the photography community.  Sometimes people get a worried when they see a photographer along the side of the road with a camera pointed at their property. A friendly, honest approach always goes a long ways in these situations. If you need to ask permission then do so.
  5. This is a tip for winter time I have had to learn the hard way.. twice. Some of the rural roads here have very narrow steep shoulders on them. When snow has built up along the sides it can be deceiving and when you go to pull your car off to the side, you suddenly find yourself stuck and in need of a tow truck!  I always put my hazard lights on as well if I am pulled over on the side of a road taking pictures out of courtesy for other drivers.
  6. The popular landmark spots of the county still offer opportunity to hone in your creative skills and possess hidden gems as well.  For example, I was on a night shoot at Cana Island one summer and after spending hours shooting the lighthouse and heading back to the car, I noticed how the moonlight beautifully lit up a simple out building on the property. Out came the tripod and a new perspective of a commonly photographed place was captured.