5 Insider tips for Stellar Summer Door County Captures

  1. Watch out for poison ivy, it is very prevalent in many areas and it is easy to forget if you are engaged in photographing a subject and happen to accidentally wander into a patch.
  2. Bring equipment with video capability. It is nice to have this type of footage for some of the interesting events and things that go on during the summer months. Kite surfing, dock jumping, and fish boils are just a few examples of unique things that can be caught on video.
  3. Summer is a great time to catch those "bad" weather and high impact shots. I have captured some incredible storm fronts from the shorelines, fog scenes on rural roads and windy weather waterscapes. Just be sure you protect your equipment and yourself during these times; be aware and informed about the status of any severe weather and of course take cover when necessary.
  4. There are many festivals and activities on various weekends during the summer here. Check the calendar of events before your visit and see what is going on and then you can decide if it peeks your photography interest. Even as a local living in the area, I am usually unaware of all the happenings on a given weekend unless I check!
  5. Equipment check: Camera, tripod, batteries, memory cards. Polarizing and ND filters and lens hood for those bright sun and water images. Of course many cell phones these days can capture the essence of the area beautifully as well.