Top 5 Insider Tips for Dining with your Dog


  1. If you plan to vacation with your dog, plan ahead.  Before you leave home research dining options, policies regarding dogs left alone in your room or cabin, pet sitters…so that you can make an informed decision about whether taking your dog with you with be safe and enjoyable for all of you.
  2. Look for lodging options with at least a small fridge and microwave so you can do some simple meals in your room or hold food for a picnic.
  3. A lot of outside seating is on the sidewalk areas in front of restaurants. This is usually very high traffic and may be upsetting to your dog, or frustrating for you if they are prone to greeting or reacting to everyone that walks by. Choose restaurants with seating in a quieter setting.
  4. Look for outdoor seating in the shade. Direct sunlight can be uncomfortable for both you and your dog.
  5. Unless the temperatures are cool and you can park in the shade do not leave your dog in the car even with the windows cracked while you go inside to dine.