Top 5 Door County Highlights of Dining with your Dog


  1. A picnic at Peninsula State Park surrounded by the beautiful scenery. Dogs aren’t allowed on the sand beach but there are some picnic areas along the rocky shore and your dogs can play in the water there.
  2. Dining with a view. Find a waterfront restaurant and enjoy the delicious local cuisine while your four-legged companion enjoys his own doggie treats (or menu, if they offer one).
  3. Sharing locally made ice cream. I allow my dogs a Kiddie cup of plain vanilla while I enjoy a more exotic flavor.
  4. Indulge in some gourmet meats, cheeses, breads, dessert and adult beverage of choice and eat in your room or cabin. You can splurge and still spend less than an expensive dinner out and you and your dog can enjoy the peace and quiet. As an added bonus no designated driver is required!
  5. A latte and decadent dessert enjoyed at a table outside, followed by a visit to nearby shops as you search for the perfect treat or toy for your canine friend.