Top 5 places for Winter Activities in Door County

  1. The State Parks All of them offer miles of skiing and snowshoeing trails.  For a relaxing cross country skiing excursion, a rigorous skate skiing experience, or just a quiet walk in the winter woods, Newport, Peninsula, Potawatomi and Whitefish Dunes State Parks are the places to visit.
  2. Cave Point County Park Some of the best sunrise in the world can be seen from this vantage point.  The frozen limestone cliff and ice formation make this one of the best places to get great winter photographs too. Watch your footing as most of the rocks are ice-covered.
  3. Europe Bay and Isle View Beaches If you ever wanted to go for a walk on a frozen beach, these two places are your destinations of choice in Northern Door County. Both face east and have great sunrises.  There are a few rock formations that become ice covered and ice washed in from the lake make some pretty cool formations. Chances are good you will be the only one there.
  4. The frozen harbors and reefs on Green Bay Whether it’s fishing for brown trout close to shore in the harbors or chasing whitefish a couple miles out into Green Bay in 40-80 feet of water, with the right equipment there is no reason why fresh fish shouldn’t be on your menu that evening!
  5. Sister Bay Skate Rink  Does ice skating under the lights as snowflakes gently fall all around you and sipping warm hot chocolate or, maybe something a bit stronger, sound like a relaxing winter evening?  You have to visit the Sister Bay skating rink after dark. Its open during the day too but the ice illuminated by the bright lights after dark make for a great winter setting.