Top 5 Insider Tips on Outdoor Winter Activiies

1. Warm Clothing Warm winter gear is essential to keep you safe and comfortable outdoors during the winter, but different activities call for different types of clothing.  When skiing, for example, you would dress in multiple light layers. For ice fishing you may want something heavier and wind resistant to keep you warm while waiting for fish to bite. Remember to avoid cotton clothing during the winter as it is a very poor insulator.
2. Good footwear Good pairs of hiking boots and snow boots will keep you warm and upright as you explore the various terrains Door County has to offer.  If you plan on doing some traveling on ice, strap-on ice creepers and cleats work great for helping you keep a sure footing.
3. Cross Country Skis or Snowshoes To get out and about on the many trails the county has to offer, skis or snowshoes are your best bet.
4. Your Camera Photography in the winter is a challenging but rewarding hobby. With a sunrise and a sunset over the water every day, the chances of catching a truly amazing photo is quite good.
5. A relaxed attitude With many of the shops and businesses closed or on winter hours you aren’t going to witness the same excitement as you do during the summer months. That isn’t a bad thing! You may be the only visitor in a state park or the only person on the beach. It’s like you have the whole county to yourself.  Enjoy it!