Top 5 Insider Tips on Fishing in Door County

1. Fishing in Wisconsin required a license and copy of the regulations. Door County has inland lakes, tributaries, Green Bay and Lake Michigan, each with unique open seasons, size limits and bag limits for each species of fish. It can get complicated.
2. If heading out on Lake Michigan for the first time, I suggest a motion sickness medicine like Bonine or Dramamine. Nothing ruins a fishing trip quicker than seasickness.
3. If you are heading out on Green Bay or Lake Michigan in your own boat a marine radio and cell phone are two pieces of equipment that are a must. Weather changes, engine trouble or some other unexpected mishap can be deadly. Having the ability to communicate with other boaters and the U.S. Coast Guard can be a life saver.
4. The right fishing gear for the species you are after. Spinning rods with 10 pound line will work great for smallmouth but won’t do the trick for trout and salmon. Downriggers may be needed to get your baits down to the fish. Do some research and be sure to pack the right equipment to get the job done.       
5. A camera and a credit card will be all you need on a Door County charter. Take an unforgettable trip by yourself or with friends and family and let the pros put you on the fish. Most are willing to show you how everything works and teach you how to target whatever species you are after. If you decide that type of fishing is for you, start planning your next trip.