Top 5 Door County Camping Highlights

1. Stars, stars, stars!  Away from the city lights, the dark nights that Door County camping offers are perfect for witnessing what a true night sky looks like. This is especially true on moonless, clear nights. Find a dark, open spot, lay back and enjoy one of the most amazing views nature has to offer!
2. Water, water, water! The area is surrounded by water and is home to several inland lakes. Whether it’s boating, fishing, kayaking, swimming or just hanging out at the beach, all Door County campgrounds are just minutes from Lake Michigan, Green Bay or one of the smaller inland lakes. There are countless beaches, waterfront parks and boat launches that you can enjoy no matter where you are camping.
3. Get out to Rock Island! Rock Island State Park has the oldest lighthouse in Wisconsin and an amazing boat house built by one of the past owners of the island. Hiking trails, beaches, Native American hieroglyphs and plenty of other historical and geological interests await visitors. If you aren’t camping out there at least try to make a day trip of it!
4. Peninsula State Park is not only a very popular camping destination but also has some of the best biking and hiking trails on the Door Peninsula.  It also boasts the popular Nicolet Bay Beach, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, a great public golf course and many other attractions. Although this park can be crowded and tough to get camping reservations for during the summer season, it is centrally located with many other private campgrounds just a 15 minute car ride away
5. Other types of lodging options are available in most of the county’s campgrounds. Many of the campgrounds have small cabins, travel trailers and yurts for rent. Just because you don’t own an RV, travel trailer or tent doesn’t mean you can’t come and experience camping in the area. You won’t be disappointed!