BLOG: Camping Door County Style

Let’s face it, when someone mentioned the word “camping” in the past, images of tents, sleeping bags and marshmallows roasting on sharpened wooden sticks over a fire popped into most people’s heads. All of the food for the excursion was jammed into coolers that slowly filled with water as the ice in them melted. Sleeping on rocky ground, getting eaten alive by bugs and not showering for several days was the way someone “experienced nature.

Wow, things have sure changed! The biggest problems people camping in Wisconsin (or anywhere) face nowadays is not getting satellite reception, a strong enough wireless signal to stream Netflix, or the favorite café latte maker breaking down. This is no longer called camping; it’s now known as camping with glamour or “glamping.” We now try to take everything in our modern lives with us on our vacations to keep us as comfortable as possible.

Wilderness Camping_DoorCountyWilderness Camping

When planning your next vacation, why not try a camping excursion?  It is the perfect way to experience all nature has to offer.  Another bonus is the fact that most campgrounds aren’t far from the small communities and activities that make Door County so special. Because of the wide variety of campgrounds and parks the county has to offer, the biggest decisions you will have to make while planning your camping trip are whether to pack the hiking boots, tent and sleeping bags or to pack the satellite dish, iPad and espresso maker. Whichever you decide, you will certainly not be disappointed!