Top 5 Insider Tips on Organizing a Local Festival

1. Bribe your volunteers! Everyone loves to feel appreciated and sometimes you can help them out while they help you! I work with the local high schools to get students requiring community service for graduation to help. Some pretty cool perks of volunteering include free food and drinks (in moderation), a backstage VIP pass to get into the heart of the event, and sometimes some free swag! Let’s not forget the best part – parking CLOSE BY!!!!  
2. Double up on events! Make sure when you are visiting and want to catch a festival, to look at surrounding communities. Although you think it may take you an entire day to get through one event, it usually only takes a few hours. You can very easily head to another town and take in a whole different scene. Our Winter Carnival fell on the same weekend as Fish Creek’s Winter Festival this year and we saw many people that did both. Winter Carnival had radar runs and a hockey tournament and Fish Creek’s event had human Foosball, a chili cook off, and tons of other games. By coming on a weekend where there’s more than one event, you’re setting yourself up for a great weekend.
3. Buy Local & Buy Fresh. When perusing the food court, go for the items that are being made on site or that morning. Fresh means local, which means you’re supporting a local farm, bakery or restaurant. North of Sturgeon Bay, there are no restaurants so you know you’re supporting a hard working family.
4. Stay close to the action. When booking your stay, make sure you eye up how close in proximity your room is to the party. If you stay within walking distance, you don’t have to worry about parking. It also allows you run back, get some down time and then head back for the night time activities.
5. The more obscure, the better. I know this sounds crazy, but trust me on this one. We locals know that Door County and its people are sometimes a little kooky. What can I say, the winters are long and we get creative.