Top 5 Insider Tips on Making Cherry Bounce


  1. Ballantine cherries make the best cherry bounce. The main cherries harvested up here are called Montmorency cherries and are your typical tart cherry.
  2. On average, one pail of Ballantine cherries make about 7 jars of bounce, depending on how full you fill them.
  3. To pit or not to pit… Sam says if you leave the pit in there, the cherry holds together much better and for longer. When serving to friends & family, remember to put a bowl out for the pits to be discarded into.
  4. Do not open ‘til Christmas! When making bounce, it’s best to let them sit until at least the holiday season hits.  Remember to rotate the bottle at least twice between August and Christmas for best results.
  5. There are differences in some liquors. Sam has experimented over the years with many different flavors so he suggested to avoid Baileys, Gin or Scotch at all costs. He says that rail brands vs name brand don’t make a difference in most cases but Kesslers, Jose Cuervo & Goldschlager all have completely different tastes than that of the rail brand versions.