Top 5 Insider Tips on Kayak Fishing in Door County

  1.  Get polarized glasses! My $5 fashion sunglasses did absolutely nothing for spotting fish but once I put Andy’s polarized ones on, I was amazed how easy it was to see them.
  2.  Know where you are in relation to your surroundings. That car driving 35 mph over the causeway could take you on one heck of a ride if you cast in the wrong direction.
  3.  Be prepared! More than likely, you will lose at least one lure on submerged obstacles like tree stumps, boulders and weed beds. Bring extra lures and don’t get too attached to them. You must be willing to sacrifice that lure snagged on that cedar log lying on the bottom… unless you brought a snorkel! Also every good fisherperson has a multi tool in their tackle box. Invest in one! Getting the hook out of a musky’s mouth can be challenging with all those teeth.
  4.  Bring a GPS or phone but keep it in a plastic bag in one of your water tight compartments. You may be on “small water” but many of them have many bays and bends and you may get turned around.
  5.  A weedless spoon is your best friend when inland water fishing. I started off with a spoon but after two casts and snagging two lily pads, I opted for a weedless lure and only got snagged one time the rest of the day.