Top 5 Insider Tips for Enjoying the Outdoor Music Scene

  1. Pack chairs and a blanket that you’re not afraid to stain. It works nicely for claiming your spot and gives you the flexibility to get up and go get that to-go drink or food from the restaurant next door or down the block.
  2. Be prepared to share said food and drinks. More often than not, you end up seeing someone you know or making friends with that family with the checkered grass stained blanket.
  3. Four-legged friends are welcome unless posted otherwise. Please only bring well behaved and friendly dogs that you took the time to walk and go to the bathroom PRIOR to getting there. Just in case, always and I mean ALWAYS pack dog bags because you don’t want to be THAT person that can’t pick up after your pet.
  4. There will be kids so plan accordingly. My 5-year-old loves music and dancing. She stands in front of the band with about six of her closest (or newest) friends and they usually put on quite a show. By the end, all of the kids in the crowd will follow suit. If you are bringing your kids, let them go! Sit near the front but let them have fun. If you don’t like kids, maybe consider sitting a few rows back in chairs so your view will be less obstructed. And please everyone be courteous of everyone else.
  5. Put your cell phone on vibrate or at least turn it down. These musicians are doing what they love. We don’t want to hear the star wars theme or a hazard alarm mid guitar solo.