Door County’s Top 5 “Only in DoCo” Obscure Festivals not to be missed!

1. Baileys Harbor Spring Fling’s Scottie Rally - Yes, you read that right. The Door County Scottie Rally is an annual event that takes place over the whole weekend but the public really only sees the 15 minute parade of Scottie dogs dressed up in crazy outfits that sometimes coordinate with the equally crazy outfits being rocked by their owners.
2. Sister Bay’s Goat Parade - It seems like everyone coming to Door County has heard of Al Johnson’s Goats on the Roof. So much so that Sister Bay made a mini festival out of it. Watch the goat crew parade down the Sister Bay hill to make the ceremonious trek up the ramp behind Al Johnson’s to take up their “Summer Residence” posing for passerby pedestrians and vehicles.
3. Fish Creek’s Fruit Loop Run - Winter is long and sometimes people need to fly their freak flags. It is a whopping 1/53rd of a marathon and costumes are highly encouraged. They even treat all participants to a breakfast of Fruit Loops and an “Olympic-style awards ceremony”
4. Ellison Bay’s Groundhog Day Parade - We don’t have a groundhog but we have a stir-crazy group of Ellison Bay folks that got together and decided to make a parade out of whatever they had handy. Be sure to check out the Inclement Weather Band!
5.  Ephraim’s Fyr Bal “Burning the Winter Witch” - Only in Door County would we have a festival recreating early Norwegian traditions involving burning the winter witch! The village elders get together and elect a “Chieftain” and promptly light up massive bonfires around the harbor in celebration. It’s quite a sight to see when all the fires get lit in unison along the shoreline.