Top 5 Ways to Put More FUN in Your Door County Run

  1. Consider Time of Day is a very important consideration for a satisfying run. If you’re a morning runner, consider running toward the lake side of the peninsula for a spectacular sunrise. Ridges road in Bailey’s Harbor would be a great route to take you lakeside. If you run in the evening, Highway 42 at the north end of Sister Bay or through Ephraim would provide lovely sunsets.
  2. Get Competitive; at least with yourself. Enter one of the dozens of running challenges held throughout the year in Door County. Having a goal and deadline adds meaning and motivation to your runs. Door County races occur year-round and range from 5Ks to ultra runs.
  3. Check Out a Trail in one of the many state parks, county parks, and land trusts. Enjoy a slower-paced run away from traffic. Keep a sharp eye on the path while running, however; tree roots and sharp rocks can be difficult to see! If you are new to trail running, try one of the trails in Newport State Park or at Whitefish Dunes State Park, which are flatter and contain few roots and rocks.
  4. Bring your Pooch running with you for company and great exercise for you both. Don’t have a dog? Borrow one! Keep in mind many dogs will be fine with a three or four mile run, and they will need a water break on a hot day.
  5. Choose a Destination and have someone drop you off a reasonable distance away. Jog to an apple or cherry orchard and meet your family for an afternoon of picking. Run to the next town and meet your honey at a watering hole. The journey is always more fun if the end is rewarding.