Top 5 Unique Sights to See While Kayaking

1. Shipwrecks from the 19th and 20th centuries dot the shoreline surrounding the peninsula. Many are near enough to shore that, on a calm day, they’re easy to view from your kayak. Some are marked with a buoy, while others have a land marker at the launch.
2. Fireworks are a beautiful sight to behold from your kayak if you’re equipped for night paddling. Launch at dusk near (but not too near!) the site of a fireworks display, and prepare to be amazed with what feels like a show just for you.
3. Big Birds are abundant on the peninsula. The Ellison Bay and Door Bluffs are usually prime locations to see Bald Eagles. On occasion, osprey can be see in harbors. Inland lakes are also great places to see eagles, cranes, and heron. Swans can be seen offshore at Newport State Park.
4. Caves in the limestone shoreline are an impressive sight from the water, and they’re not just at Cave Point County Park. Eagle Bluff in Peninsula State Park also boasts water-view caves.
5. People-watching is unavoidable from a kayak, and it’s fabulous! Paddle-boarders, swimmers, scuba divers, sailors, kite surfers, and other kayakers are just a few of the unique folks you’ll see.