Top 5 Places to Meet Door County Locals

  1. Dog Parks are a relatively new environment for me since adopting a puppy in July. Several spacious parks in Door County offer a social space for furry friends and their owners alike! I have never left the dog park in Sister Bay without having a great conversation with one of the county’s many passionate dog owners.
  1. Exercise classes get us sweaty and breathless, and though this isn’t the ideal look when you meet someone new, the endorphins released during exercise usually boost friendliness. Bond with Door County locals over heavy weights and tough yoga poses.
  1. A Race or fun run, peddle, or paddle event is a fabulous active way to meet locals. Folks here are necessarily enthusiastic about the outdoors and are consequently pretty fit. Nearly every month of the year boasts at least one race.
  1. One of the peninsula’s cozy cafes can be a hub for caffeine-fueled connections. Door Countyians are picky about their warm beverages, so happily, no matter where on the peninsula they are, they’re only ten minutes from a really good cup of coffee.
  1. Work seems like the option I ought to leave off of the list, but if you invite a coworker to do any of 1-4 on this list with you, you’ll have made a new friend.