Top 5 Items to Enhance Your Concert in the Park Experience

  1. Blankets These are absolutely essential. Bring more than one, so you can sit on one and cover up with the other if there’s a cool breeze off the water. A beach towel will serve the same purpose.
  2. Folding Chairs You didn’t really want to sit on the blanket for the entire two-hour show, did you? It’s basically on the ground. The blankets will still be useful for covering up.
  3. Bug Spray This might be the most important item as midsummer mosquitoes can be very friendly. You want to save your hands for clapping in time with the music, not squashing bugs. Bring some spray, so you can forget about the little critters and enjoy the show.
  4. Grub Bring your picnic basket stocked with snacks! Actually, with some planning and an early arrival, you could claim one of the grills in the park and have supper while you groove. Don’t forget a thermos of warm tea for later.
  5. Smiles Concerts in the park are popular events, so prime grass seating fills quickly. Keep a smile on and people will gladly make room. Get friendly with the folks on the abutting blanket and bask in a unique Door County evening.