Top 5 Game Day Snacks in Door County

  1. Cheese Curds, of course! I prefer these Wisconsin staples battered and fried, but they’re also good breaded. A few places even serve them deliciously fresh and squeaky. Branch out and try goat cheese curds.
  1. Chili, piping hot and hearty is the quickest meal I know to warm me through. Heavy on the meat and always homemade, chili, with or without noodles, is popular game day fare.
  1. Pretzels, soft and hand-shaped, grace more than one Door County menu. What I find exciting about this German-inspired snack are the delicious liberties restaurateurs have taken with dipping sauces.
  1. Pizza, usually homemade, has found its way onto many pub menus. Pizza is versatile and great for sharing, making it an ideal game day food.
  1. A Bloody Mary is my favorite beverage when what I really want is a snack and a drink. Every bartender has their own recipe, and Bloody Marys are usually piled high with pickled and smoked bites. Be sure to ask for a local brew as a chaser.