Top 5 Door County ‘Iffy Weather’ Daytime Dates

1. Wine, Spirit, Cider and Beer Tasting From Sturgeon Bay to Ellison Bay, the route is studded with quality wineries, distilleries,breweries and a cider house. Choose one or two near you, and take your time in each tasting room. You might even leave with a souvenir bottle.
2. Take a Class Door County is densely populated with studios that offer painting, ceramics and crafts classes. If the visual arts aren’t your niche, take a cooking or a yoga class. Bond with your significant other while you learn a new skill together.
3. Second Hand Stores Door County offers a plethora of antique and upscale second hand stores. Browsing old books and unique furniture with your steady makes for interesting conversation, even if you leave empty-handed.
4. Bowling Dust off your four-step delivery and refresh your memory on bowling points. At Sister Bay Bowl, a small bowling alley attached to a supper club, you score your own game. Get a little competitive with your partner, and take home your score sheet to hang on the refrigerator.
5. Don your rain slicker! If there’s just a little drizzle, grab some boots and a rain jacket and head for a park. The trees and water look different in the rain, and the smell is intoxicating. The Newport State Park and Cave Point County park are some of my favorites, as they offer both lakeshore and wooded hiking. You and your hiking honey will probably have the trail to yourselves.