Top 5 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever with Live Music

  1. Make Time for Dessert  Meals at home become more frequent during the winter, but you don’t have to eat your entire meal in. Just save room for dessert, bundle up and go out for after dinner drinks or hot cocoa to enjoy with some live music. 
  1. Take Advantage of the Smaller Crowds  If you detest public speaking and get bouts of stage fright, then this is the time of year for you to shine!  With smaller crowds you can now try your hand at singing a tune at any local karaoke.
  1. Enjoy Tea Time  Although you’ll have to wait for spring to schedule your next true tee time, cozying up with a mug of hot tea will warm you hands, heart and soul – pair with acoustic music for full effect at local coffee shops.
  1. Cheers to the Holiday Season  There are certain fall and winter flavors that only appear so often, and I don’t recommend missing them! I’m talking about all things gingerbread, cinnamon spiced and accented with classic Christmas music. Find acoustic renditions of your favorite songs during the holidays at the Master’s Cup Coffee House within the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.
  1. Get Up and Groove  Forget sitting by the fire – dance up a storm to beat the cold! Catch live bands playing all over the county in local taverns, pubs, bars and restaurants.