Top 5 Must-Try Local Drinks for Concert Goers in Door County

  1. Wine  From sweet and fruity to aged and complex, you’ll find a wonderful variety of wines produces around the peninsula. Many sweet wines use the local produce of cherries and apples to create flavors uniquely Door County.
  1. Beer  The craft beer movement has reached the peninsula! Check the local bar taps and coolers for locally created beers ranging from rich porters to light and refreshing pilsners.
  1. Hard Cider Island Orchard Cider offers several styles of crisp hard cider, using their local cider apples grown in their orchard on Washington Island. Stop in their tasting room in Ellison Bay to learn about the cider making process and to sample the different varieties.
  1. Liquor  If you prefer mixed drinks and spirits to wine and beer, there are several options to visit local distilleries. Taste the clear vodka and gin or try the fruit-flavor brandy for something new! 
  1. Tart Cherry Juice  Forgo the alcohol content for something that is both a treat and a health tonic – delicious Door County tart cherry juice. Known to have lots of antioxidants and health-benefitting properties, you’ll want to savor this drink sip after sip.