Top 5 Ideas for A Night to Remember with the Performing Arts

1. Enjoy some friendly competition to start the Evening

From mini golf to actual golf to racing go-karts – there are plenty of ways to wager (and win!) the best seat for the evening. Just watch out for those water hazards!

2. Don’t Go on an Empty Stomach

If your showtime isn’t until 7:30 or later, make dinner plans at a nearby establishment so your belly won’t distract from the fun with hunger pangs. Or, check to see if your venue allows carry in food and drink and pack your meal to enjoy during the show. Find all the venue information here:

3. Make it an Adventure and Ride Your Bikes

Depending on the venues distance from where you are staying (and how proficient on the bike you are) you may want to consider riding your bikes to catch some cool evening air before the show. Check out the Door County Visitor’s Bureau online interactive map to find your destination and map your route. Didn’t bring your bike? Rentals are easy to come by too.

4. Find a Classy Cocktail Spot for Pre or Post Show

Nothing says date night like a dinner show and cocktail hour! There are many places to explore, from wineries, to breweries, or even a cider house. Search for your favorite, here.

5. End the Night with Ice Cream

Now that you’ve made it through the night without messing up your good shirt, reward yourself with a creamy treat! Most ice cream options are open late during the summer season and there is plenty to go around! Click here to find an ice-cream opportunity near you.