Family Fun
in the Parks

Family Fun in the Parks


One of the great things about music is that it can be understood from an early age. The feeling of a good rhythm can make anyone want to groove, whether you’re two or 92. One of the most endearing aspects of the multitude of local music events in Door County, is that at every event, I see community members (or visitors) at all stages of life having a great time. Music really is a great connector.

My most recent music in the park concert I attended took place at Martin Park in downtown Sturgeon Bay. The little park is situated on the corner of S. 3rd Ave. and Oregon St., giving you a street view of both the Oregon Street Bridge and of downtown Sturgeon Bay. I parked my car a block away on the street and joined the crowd of others strolling toward the park, lawn chairs in hand.

Coolers, dogs, snacks and strollers are all welcome to these free events held at the park every Wednesday evening from 7-9 pm. Many attendees opted to bring a blanket to spread out and sprawl on. And if you forgot to chill your bottle of wine or pack the snack bag, don’t worry, there are a select handful of friendly vendors who are on hand to keep your thirst and hunger at bay. From fresh-off-the-pan paella by Culinaria to locally brewed beer, my bases were covered. 

The stage was set for a wonderful evening. And, just as expected, attendees aged from newborn and wide-eyed to watchful grandmas and grandpas – and there was even a big group of pre-teens who seemed thankful for the chance to gather together albeit just across the lawn from the rest of the family.

Just after 7, the introductions were made and recognitions paid due. The performers for the evening, a band called Somebody’s Darling, traveled all the way from Nashville. Their music fell in the Southern rock category, with guitar and drum- heavy tunes overlaid with strong vocals. The lead singer, Amber Farris, hails from Texas and has often been compared to Janis Joplin for her rowdy stage presence and deep, smooth voice. 

Right from the get-go I could tell that they are a band that has no trouble keeping the crowd entertained. Their talents were audible and their chemistry on stage kept me nodding along with every song. It’s the kind of music you want to listen to while hanging out with friends or family in the back yard on a long summer evening.

And that’s just the kind of evening we were having before the rain clouds started to close in on the park. Due to having camera gear along, I had to pack it up before the official end of the evening, but not before I vowed to find their album to purchase once I got home. It was another lovely – and free – event, not soon to be forgotten. 

Check the events calendar at for all the live music performance on the peninsula.