BLOG: Beer, Friends and Live Music in Door County

The other weekend I had the pleasure of showing a few Chicago friends around Door County, which is no easy task. One weekend in Door County is like being limited to fifteen minutes at Disney World – so much to do, yet so little time! So I knew we had to be strategic with our choices. They had mentioned they enjoyed live music, would love to do a tasting at a local brewery and, of course, wouldn’t mind catching up over a few drinks on a Saturday night. Lucky for us, we could accomplish all three things in one stop.

We decided to head to the Door County Brewing Co. in Bailey’s Harbor, which one of the many establishments in Door County that offers much more to their guests than just a cold drink. With a lively and welcoming atmosphere, cheese plates featuring local producers and a stacked music lineup, the delicious Belgian-style brews were the cherry on top. Upon arrival, we each ordered a different variety to taste-test and were impressed again and again by the unique flavors and spices presented. My friends promptly ordered up a few six-packs to make the trip home with them.


As we were enjoying our first few sips in the rustic-modern taproom, the musicians took the stage. The brewery has a great set up for listening to live music; the stage is set in a corner decorated with the Door County Brewing Co. logo and their motto “Drink Local.” The audience can have a great view from the long table, the bar or from the standing room area, which uses large barrels as drink tables. The night’s entertainment was a five-person band that easily fit on stage and even allowed for some dancing room in front – which some movers-and-shakers promptly took advantage of.


The Significant Others, or “The Sigs,” featured five distinct musicians, each contributing to the elegant roots-blues sound of their original songs. The violinist added a unique element that made the group harmonies even that much more pleasing to the ear. Two female vocalists, Jenny and Robin Bienemann, had a wonderful range of styles, with mood-changes throughout the performance. Their set had an enjoyable mix of mellow, soulful songs and playful, upbeat tunes. My personal favorite of the night ended up being their last song, which we had to earn via the unified “One! More! Song!” chant. It had a jazz and swing element that made you want to grab your partner and dosey doe’.


Since the brewery closes at 10 pm, the show wrapped up around 9:30 pm, which was fine with us since we had taste-tested through the tap menu and were thoroughly entertained by The Sigs. And, did I mention all the live music shows at the brewery are free? We couldn’t have asked for a better evening out. We packed up our prized purchases and headed home tapping our toes. After hearing shining reviews from my friends, it was confirmed that I will certainly be taking more visitors back in the future.