BLOG: "A Night to Remember" at Door Community Auditorium

The multitude of performing arts venues in Door County is a big part of what makes the peninsula so special. While the area attracts many visitors during the summer season, the various venues still manage to evoke that small-town, community-driven feel that provides a truly unique and intimate experience. Add to that the ability to attract national and international talent, and you’ve got a haven for artistic and cultural communities to flourish. Every year, Door County attracts music professionals, touring productions and students from across the country to put together the riveting performances accessible to audiences across the peninsula.

To take advantage of this, several weekends ago, myself and my significant other planned a fun date night that was to culminate at the Door Community Auditorium for a performance by four music legends – Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley, The King of Rock ‘N Roll. The show was titled A Night to Remember, and I have no doubt that I will never forget this special evening.

But before I detail the amazing show, we decided that to truly make it a date night, there was to be dinner and possibly some friendly competition involved. We started the evening early with a quick round of mini golf, which provoked our competitive spirits, although, I can’t say it helped with my putting skills. I did manage to score one hole-in-one of which I was quite proud of, until my partner scored THREE hole-in-ones. At that point it was rubbing salt in the wound. Long story short, I did not win any bets and had to uphold my promise to give up the better of our two seats at the evening’s performance.

We followed up our round of mini golf with a spectacular dinner at Stone Harbor Resort. We sat outside near the water with a wonderful view of the Sturgeon Bay Bridge, a historic bridge built in 1931 in dedication of Door County veterans. The outside tiki bar was open nearby and played summery music while we sipped our cocktails and enjoyed an appetizer. The main courses were spectacular; we ordered a sirloin steak and southwestern pasta and enjoyed them both tremendously. It was my first time visiting Stone Harbor and I’m sure I’ll go back!


Once we arrived at the Door Community Auditorium, the sun was about to set and we had to hustle in to get our seats. However, we did have to pause in the beautiful hallway entrance to appreciate its walls lined with local students’ art. Walking into the atrium, we were greeted warmly by the ushers who helped us find our spots. The auditorium itself is a sight to see. With high-ceiling beams and lighting to set the mood, you could feel the excitement resonating in the crowd as everyone chatted anxiously. Cameras and phones were to be turned off during the performance, but I did snap a photo right before I tucked my phone away, and you can get a glimpse of the stage setting, which was also beautifully crafted.


The musical, and theatrical, performance was a blast – I felt like I was really in Memphis circa 1956 when these four performers got together. Now, these weren’t the true musicians of course, but you could have fooled me with how accurate they sounded! And even their personas matched the musicians, with Jerry Lee Lewis getting a little rowdy and knocking over the piano bench and Elvis performing his signature dance moves while rocking the classic hairstyle. I had a hard time staying seated with all the great hits they played and we left the show singing and grooving, with giant smiles on our faces.