Top 5 Insider Tips on Exploring the Parks of Door County

1. If you visit Rock Island and go to the lighthouse (which is a must), there are going be trails near the lighthouse. If you go on some of them, you can go all the way down to the water or, if you go on a different path, you’ll find a cave.
2. If you go to Peninsula State Park go to Nicolet beach. Not only do they have a great beach but they have rentals where you can rent water sport equipment like kayaks and paddleboats. You can go all the way out to Horseshoe Island or just paddle around Nicolet Bay.
3. Ellison Bluff County Park is home to one of Door County’s most amazing views and some really cool trails.
4. Some people don’t know that the Ahnapee State Trail is a county park and that it has trails that are good for biking and horseback riding.
5. Cave Point County Park is a very well-known location, but last year during our family reunion, we actually got to go kayaking through the caves and I definitely encourage you to do it yourself because it is a great experience.