Only in Door County

BLOG: Only in Door County

Door County is a very popular tourist destination, and thousands of people vacation here each year. But it’s not the Wisconsin Dells or Disneyland and there is a perception that it is an adult destination and teens, like me, might get bored. But let me tell you there is plenty for teens to do here. For me, this is not a vacation, this is my life and I am lucky to be able to do some of the fun things that people normally do on vacation whenever I want like mini golf, Zip Lining or even Go Karts. I have easy access to all of these fun vacation activities.   And if you visit Door County these are the things I suggest teens do on vacation.

There are several different places to play mini golf. Each one is a little different and serves a different crowd. We have several summer birthdays in our family and to celebrate we take to the course at Egg Harbor Fun Park. The park’s Door County them includes lighthouses and water features and there are several other things to do at the fun park. And they have great pizza! There are a couple of other courses on the peninsula that I also enjoy so, be sure to play at least one while you are here.

Zip lining is probably not something you would do every day, but it is a fun vacation activity especially for teens. There are several spots to choose from for zip lining. You can choose an adventurous wooded experience or a short course that is right on the highway. There is also a spot (Team leadership center) that offers team building classes and a ropes course with their zip lining. When my cousins came to visit, we all went zip lining and it was a blast.

Go Karts are another fun thing to do on vacation and we have several places that you can race. I think this is the most fun when you go with a big group of friends or family and you can all take the track at the same time. My dad is fun to kart with but my mom usually goes pretty slow but it is funny to watch everyone pass her.

I have to mention the Sky Way Drive In Movie Theater in Fish Creek. My friends and I are too young to drive but we love to sit in the front on the benches and watch the double features. That’s two movies for the price of one. They always have great first run shows and there is a snack bar too. The Sky Way Drive In is one of few left in the United States and I am lucky enough live very close to it and go several times each summer.

Finally, a Segway tour, this is something you can’t just do anywhere. You know, that vehicle that the mall cop rides, how about taking one of those on scenic ride through Peninsula State Park. It’s really fun and almost any age can enjoy it. My grandfather even did the Segway tour! Usually once a year we have family or friends visit and we always suggest doing a Segway tour. I would definitely recommend that you check it out on your next visit to Door County.

I think I am pretty lucky to live in this beautiful vacation spot. And those are just a few great ideas of fun things for teenagers to do. I hope I have given you some good ideas of things to do as a family with teenagers!