BLOG: Kid-Friendly Winter Fun

Man do I love Door County, but to be honest I don’t really love winter. I would much rather be on a nice beach. However, there are a couple of things that do make me love winters in Door County. These things include sledding, ice skating, cross country skiing, and snow shoeing.  There are really fun sports and activities that you can do with families here.  I really love all of these activities. I’m going to tell you about the winter sports Door County has to offer.


First there is great sledding in Door County.  Sledding is a great family activity that gets you active and brings you great enjoyment. One of the best sledding spots in Door County is Hill 17. It’s called Hill 17 because it is a gigantic hill on Hole 17 of Peninsula State Park golf course in Fish Creek.  Hill 17 is so fun and hard work because you have to trudge up the hill. But it’s totally worth it when you are feeling the breeze on your face on the way down the small mountain. When you are planning your trip to Hill 17 remember three things.  First, definitely remember to dress weather appropriate because a face full of snow is not good and if you are freezing cold, you won’t have any fun sledding.  Second, remember to bring your own sleds because there aren’t any rentals available.  Third, remember – no toboggans because they are unsafe and you wouldn’t want to hit someone and you don’t want any injuries.  I know this first hand because last year my dad and I did a great fast run with our big wooden toboggan and afterwards were told we couldn’t use it.  If you can’t make it to Hill 17 there are also a couple more great sledding locations to try.  Try Big Hill Park or Incinerator Hill, both located in Sturgeon Bay. Almost any local can give you directions to these spots but they are hard to find on your own. With these great locations, sledding is a must if you are in Door County during the winter time.


Ice skating is popular in Door County.  I like ice skating in Door County because the rinks Door County has to offer are not like big city indoor rinks. They are outdoors, nice and small, but still enjoyable. The place I like to go ice skating is the rink at the sports complex in Sister Bay. I like it because there are two rinks. One is for recreational skating and figure skating and the other is an enclosed hockey rink where people play broomball and pick up hockey games that you can join in on. Some cool things that I like about the Sister Bay rink is that they have concessions and hot cocoa there which warms you up. They also always have a nice bonfire going which you can make s’mores at. The concession stand sells the fixings. When I’m not in the northern part of Door County, I go to the ice rink in Sturgeon Bay on Memorial Field which is located near the Sturgeon Bay High School. I always like spending time with family and friends ice skating in Door County and think it’s an awesome thing to do.

Door county has five states parks and in these awesome parks there are cool trails that you can do winter activities on. Whether you choose to cross country ski, snow shoe, or just take a winter hike, getting on the trails is a fun activity that gets you active and gives you a great view of Door County. If you have your own equipment, snow shoes or ski’s, you should definitely bring them along. If you don’t have any winter equipment and want to try out snow shoeing or cross-county skiing some of the businesses or state parks will rent the equipment.  Since I’m not a complete expert in the trails of Door County I don’t have a specific trail to recommend but I’ve heard great things about  Crossroads at Big Creek in Sturgeon Bay. My first experience on cross county trails is being in a back pack that was on my dad at Crossroads when I was little.

This winter hasn’t been the snowiest so I haven’t been able to experience all of the winter activities yet.  Hill 17 has been open a couple times but I haven’t had the opportunity to go sledding yet but I look forward to it. I have gone ice skating – which was a blast! I can’t wait to go again even though I’m not the best skater. My mom is still hoping that we can get out on snow shoes this year. We just found out that our local YMCA lets you borrow snow shoes for free. I hope you take time and enjoy these activities in 2015.