Historical places
I love

Historical places I love

If you’re a kid like me or even an adult and you are not the biggest fan of historical places, I’m sure after visiting these three places you might have a new opinion on historical places. The Noble House, The Anderson Store and Dock, and Heritage Village at Big Creek are all amazing places in Door County that definitely bring fun and lots of excitement. These places all have things to offer for everyone in the family.

The Noble House in Fish Creek is the House that one of Fish Creeks founding fathers lived in. That person was Alexander Noble who lived in Fish Creek from 1856-1905, Alexander raised his 7 kids in this house and this house was the first house in Fish Creek that was not made of wood. It was made of lathe and plaster. The Noble House is right on the corner of Fish Creek Main Street which is right in the middle of the town. The Noble is also really cool because on certain days there is a real person who dresses up like Alexander Noble and tells about the house’s long history. Another awesome and also freaky thing is that The Noble House is haunted and every Halloween they give tours of the house and talk about the history of the house being haunted. The Noble House is a must stop Historical Place in Door County.

The Heritage Village at Big Creek serves as a memorial to the people who lived in Door County from the 1880's to the 1910’s. In this replica village there is a chapel, a school, a general store, a garden, and a blacksmith shop. This village is also a little like the Noble House because there are people who dress up and act like it was the late 1800’s and act as they were living in the time period and it is a really cool sight. Heritage Village is also different because a lot of times it is changing with things being added on just he the Blacksmith Shop was added just a couple of years ago. Heritage Village is a very interesting place and I recommend you give it a try.

The Anderson Dock and Store are both places located in Ephraim and they are both have huge impact in Door county and mainly Ephraim History. This is because Anderson Dock was where the big ships from Milwaukee and Chicago would dock and drop off the passengers who would then stay in Ephraim and in some cases the people would then live in Ephraim. Something really cool that you can do now that is a tradition is go to Anderson Dock, bring a paint marker or some regular paint and paint your name on the boat house on the dock. I think it’s awesome because your name becomes part of a really special door county landmark and you can come back and find your name which is really cool. The Anderson Store is right after the dock when you were coming into Ephraim by boat. The Anderson store was important because back in the late 1800’s there were no Walmarts or Targets so the people of Ephraim would buy everything there, which made it a pretty important place. The Anderson store now is restored and now is made to look like how it would have looked like back in the late 1800’s. The Anderson Dock and store are awesome historical places in Ephraim.

The Nobel house, Heritage Village at Big Creek and the Anderson Dock and Store are some of the coolest historical places you will find and I strongly recommend them if you are looking to do something involving Door County history. Good Luck in your Door County experience!

                                                      Sincerely, Brandon

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