BLOG: Fun Door County Beaches to Check Out!

Door County is known for having 300 miles of shoreline and many people come to Door County for that reason. One of the ways you can utilize Door County’s shoreline is by visiting one of the many beaches and all of them are great.

My favorite beach and the locals favorite beach is Sister Bay beach. The reason it is a favorite for many is because it is right in downtown Sister Bay and you won’t miss a beat there. It’s great for kids because there is a dock you can jump off and a playground you can play on. New this year they added a lot more sand so it will be twice the fun! Overall this is a great beach.

The second beach I recommend is Nicolet Beach in Peninsula State Park. I think it is a great beach because it is tucked back in Peninsula State Park and has a good family vibe. It has a good family vibe because you can do fun family activities like play beach volleyball, build huge sandcastles, kayak out to horseshoe island, and even eat a delicious soft serve ice cream cone. Overall this beach is a great place to go to and has something for everyone to have a fun day at the beach.

The last beach I think is great is the beach at Murphy Park which is located just south of Egg Harbor. This beach has a great patch of sand and has a playground, volleyball nets, and a huge dock. This beach is popular to boaters and is always a cool destination. A fun fact about this beach is that this is where they do the swimming event for the Door County Triathlon. Again, like the other beaches I talked about, this is great beach and you won’t be disappointed.

These are just my favorite beaches but one of the cool things about Door County is that there are so many beaches because we are grateful to have 300 miles of shoreline in Door County. If you visit Door County in the summer, I would definitely suggest that you visit any of Door County’s wonderful beaches!