Boating the

Boating the Shores

Seeing the water and shoreline in Door County is essential, especially in summer. There are so many different places where you can experience them. In my opinion, boating is one of the best ways. What’s cool about boating in Door County is that there are so many different options for you to choose from. There are scenic boat tours, places to rent boats such as pontoon boats, and tons of marinas and boat launches where you can bring your own boat or kayak.

There are so many different boat tours and boat rides you can go on in Door County and one of the best parts about these tours is that they offer something to everyone. Whether you have been to Door County multiple times and you know a lot about the area or this is your first time. One example is the Fish Creek Scenic Boat tours which offers you a variety of different tours including one near Peninsula State Park, one about Millionaires row, and even one with live music. Another option would be Chicago Fireboat Cruises. This cruise offers you the chance to ride a retired Chicago Fireboat while either enjoying cocktails during sunset or going on narrated rides in the morning and afternoon. There is even a sailing schooner that leaves from the Sister Bay Marina. Door County has plenty of boat rides and tours all over the county and there is definitely one that fits your interest.

Now if you want try another boating option in Door County then I definitely suggest rentals. When it comes to rentals it comes to what you want to do because there are so many options. You can rent a pontoon boats, jet skis, or even kayaks. Like the boating tours, there are so many different places you can rent from including; Fish Creek boat rentals located at the Fish Creek Marina, South Shore Pier in Ephraim, the Sister Bay Marina also offers rentals and even Nicolet beach (in Peninsula State Park) which offers many different items to rent. Some of these places even offer tubes so you can go tubing behind a power boat. I personally love renting, especially kayaks.

Another way to see Door County from the water is to bring your own boat or kayak. There are many places to launch your boat or kayak into the water, and there are public boat launches in each community of Door County. You can choose to launch in the bay, Lake Michigan or even an inland lake, like Kangaroo lake. This way you can bring your own craft on a trailer, enjoy the Door County waters and pull it out at the end of the day. If you have a bigger boat there are several places to dock it overnight and there are restrooms and showering facilities. You can walk to nearby shops and restaurants and return to your boat for a peaceful night sleep in the Door County waters. And the next day, do it all over again!

Visitors and locals alike know that with 300 miles of shoreline to explore a great way to do it is on the water. So whether you decide to book a tour, call to reserve a rental of trailer up your own boat. Make plans soon to see Door County from a boat!