Top 5 Tips on how to Celebrate Summer in Style

1. Packing tips:  What to pack for a summer trip to Door County? Everything. You might be hiking, biking, going to the theater, beach or bar. So think about the activities you have planned, and organize your wardrobe accordingly. Then throw in a couple of “wild card” pieces for fun stuff to do that will surely pop up once you arrive. Think about adding things that are a bit dressier or more rugged than you might normally pack, and you will be set for unexpected adventures. Shoes: flats, sandals, tennies, flip flops, the works. Yes, shoes are heavy and cumbersome to pack. But whatever you plan to do, you will be doing a good bit of walking, and changing out your shoes will prevent blisters and aching feet.
“Take a little sweater!” as my mother would say. In Door County, our weather changes, ALL the time. It changes from day to night, it changes depending on which side of the peninsula you happen to be visiting (“cooler by the lake” is absolutely true.) So be sure to pack a light sweater or jean jacket, a sweatshirt and jeans for cool weather and evenings. It could rain (only a little!) so take a portable umbrella.
2. Airline lost your luggage? Packed the golf clubs and forgot mom’s suitcase? Never fear. Check out the shopping section on the Door County Visitors Bureau website, which includes all of the stores mentioned in my blog, and more. Find one that is close to where you're staying, and suits your style.  Give them a call and let them know what you are missing/need, and they will have choices ready for you when you arrive. Personalized service is a true standard when it comes to Door County shops. (PS, the forgotten suitcase actually happened!).
3. Shop accessories: Many boutiques have artist made, vintage and one of a kind jewelry, handbags, scarves and other accessories. Peruse them carefully for treasures that can’t be found anywhere else. You’ll go home with a unique and beautiful souvenir, or a very special gift.
4. Shop art galleries: See “accessories” above.  Along with a fabulous array of paintings, sculpture, pottery and other art pieces, Door County galleries often also feature artist designed jewelry and wearables. Whether trendy, classic or whimsical, you can find your own style of “art to wear.”
5. PS: Shop online. So you got home from Door County, and you are suffering from WIGI (Wish I Got It). That cool thing that you saw in a store, loved, but sadly didn’t take with you. Never fear, it’s highly possible that you can still score that item for your own.  Many of our shops have online stores, so you can just sit down at your computer and shop in Door County from home. Don’t you just love technology?